Ryan and Kat Photo BoothThanks to all who made it to our EP Release Show!! We had such a blast and we’re excited to finally get our EP out there for all to hear.  If you missed it, here were some highlights:

  • It was also Ryan’s birthday
  • We played 10 songs including our EP tracks, a new tune, and a Pulp cover
  • Kat asked Ryan to strip (he didn’t, although he did eventually take off his scarf…)

We are so proud of how Friendly Pets turned out. If you haven’t heard it yet, check out our bandcamp page! Now the question is what to do next with all this free time… We’re checking out venues for our next show, and also meeting at least a couple times a week to get back into writing new songs! We love writing, and so far have three new tunes. Until next blog, we leave you with a piece of one of the new demo tracks, called Feed The Animals