Video Blog: Deep Blue Sea


Happy 2014!!

For bLa, a New Year means new songs and projects, including our first full length album! So as Ryan and Kathryn begin the year in the studio writing songs, recording, and playing with Ryan’s new dog Dakota, we leave you with a live performance of our newest tune “Deep Blue Sea”.



Video Blog: Feed the Animals

bLaSince releasing our E.P., Brandy Loves Alexander has been working together on some new tunes! This week we decided we wanted to share some with you. So, we got together with our friend and awesome drummer Reade and filmed a live performance of a couple of our newest tunes!  Today we’re releasing a video blog of one of them: Feed the Animals.  Soon we’ll have our new songs recorded and available for download. Until then, you can enjoy a live performance of them (and Ryan’s beard).  Thanks to Reade Pryor for playing drums (and letting us shoot in his super cool house), and thanks to Lauren Eubanks for filming us!

Show Coming Up 7/30!

7/30gigbLa is doing a show this coming Tuesday and you’re all on the guest list! We’ll be performing a FREE show on 7/30 at Hemingway’s Lounge for something they call The Basement Sessions.  If you haven’t been to Hemingway’s before it’s a cool, intimate venue where all the sexy nerds hang out.  We have a great set ready for you, and The Basement Sessions will also be interviewing us (Ryan’s been busy practicing his jokes for that). If you want to watch the show or interview live go to this link:

So come on down to hear great music, read a book and have a cocktail.  We go on at 10PM! (21+)

Hemingway’s |6356 Hollywood Blvd. 90039

5 Random Facts…

In today’s blog we wanted to give you an opportunity to discover five random things about Ryan and Kat you might not know… So, channeling our inner journalist, we created five insightful statements that Kat and Ryan completed.

Ryan’s Answers:

1. My house is never without… eucalyptus mint soap from bath and bodyworks (yes, the pictures above are all taken from Ryan’s bathroom, where he has a seemingly endless supply).

2. I am afraid of… the zombie apocalypse.

3. The first instrument I learned to play was… the drums.

4. Musically, my life changed forever when… I was ten, and saw the Beach Boys live at the Hollywood Bowl.

5. My favorite part of bLa is… writing songs together. When we write it’s almost an improv game and we try to out-weird each other.

Kat’s Answers:

1. My house is never without… veganaise and marmite.

2. I am afraid of… balloons.

3. The first instrument I learned to play was… the flute.

4. Musically, my life changed forever when… my dad bought me my first CD and introduced me to the world of the Beatles (the CD was Rubber Soul)

5. My favorite part of bLa is… working in the studio to bring our songs to life. That time is great for creating our sound, or having impromptu dance parties…

Live Video Blog Performance!

One warm day a couple of weeks ago Ryan and Kat had the idea to start blogging live performances.  We called up our good friend and photographer Lauren and asked if she would shoot it for us! So, last weekend we all drove to Kat’s dad’s house in Encino Hills, the backyard was perfect with its pretty trees and gorgeous views…  This nature setting felt like an ideal backdrop for one of our favorite songs, Oh Oh Oh. We set up and tracked it live, as Lauren captured the moments using her trusty iphone.  We intend to start doing this video blog performance regularly.  Enjoy!

Life After Friendly Pets

Ryan and Kat Photo BoothThanks to all who made it to our EP Release Show!! We had such a blast and we’re excited to finally get our EP out there for all to hear.  If you missed it, here were some highlights:

  • It was also Ryan’s birthday
  • We played 10 songs including our EP tracks, a new tune, and a Pulp cover
  • Kat asked Ryan to strip (he didn’t, although he did eventually take off his scarf…)

We are so proud of how Friendly Pets turned out. If you haven’t heard it yet, check out our bandcamp page! Now the question is what to do next with all this free time… We’re checking out venues for our next show, and also meeting at least a couple times a week to get back into writing new songs! We love writing, and so far have three new tunes. Until next blog, we leave you with a piece of one of the new demo tracks, called Feed The Animals

New EP!

Slide1        We’re excited to announce the name of our debut EP coming out:          Friendly Pets!  We’ve been working hard at it for the last few months, and now it’s in the final stages of getting mastered.  Stay tuned for more updates and for info on our big EP Release show!

Art Of The Brain

Kat and Ryan are honored to perform for a charity event hosted by Art Of The Brain. The event will take place at UCLA’s Schoenberg Hall and is for a very important cause.

Art Of The Brain operates under the support of the UCLA Foundation.  Their mission is to raise money for the UCLA Neuro-Oncology Program’s brain cancer research; to raise public awareness of this deadly disease; and to spotlight the talent, strength and courage of their international brain cancer patients.  For more info on this wonderful organization, click here.

Just for fun, here’s a recording of bLa’s rehearsal working up some possible tunes for the event.  We experimented with different genres, this tune Embraceable You is yummy jazz.  Oh and if you hear a new instrument somewhere in there, that might be Kat playing her invisible trumpet…  Click to hear —> EmbraceableYou

Off the Record! Part 1…

Hello again! Our Mint show is just over a week away and bLa is busy rehearsing and contemplating what to do with Ryan’s long and unkempt hair.  Our friend Santina joined us at the studio where we rehearse, to film the evening and start us off with our video blog series “Off the Record”. Our first video looks at our tune Friend Zone with a partially acoustic version, and then a little in the actual studio rehearsing for our show.  You’ll notice the camera dancing during the second part (thanks to other friend Garrett’s artistic filming choices…). Anyway see you all September 1st @ the Mint at 8:30!

Acoustic Experimenting Time

Happy August! This picture was taken at last night’s rehearsal for our show at the Mint September 1st. We’re really excited! As you can see we’re experimenting with some acoustic sounds for the show, so be prepared this evening could get pretty intimate.

The E.P. is coming along nicely. We have almost finished recording all the vocal tracks, and mixing is under way.  Next week we’re going to introduce our new video blog series Off the Record, which will include bLa songs, interviews, and random Ryan/Kat moments to keep you better informed and possibly make you giggle.  See you all on September 1st at The Mint!